What Families Need to Know About Behavioral Health Admissions

At the Knoxville Center for Behavioral Medicine, we understand that the behavioral health admissions process can feel overwhelming and full of unknowns, so we work hard to provide both patients and their families with all the support they need.

From day one, patients are assigned a social worker who’s committed to guiding them through your journey and connecting families with all the necessary resources to help make sure their loved one can get the care they need.

If you think a behavioral health center might be the next right step for you or someone you love, here’s a brief overview of what you can expect when you first arrive at our facility.

An Experienced Guide through the Admissions Process

Each time someone is admitted to our center, they’re assigned a social worker who can help evaluate their needs and also provide their family members with any information and resources they require.

Your social worker will start by checking in with the patient to find out how they are, with questions including:

● How are you feeling? Mad, angry, sad, low energy, high energy?

● Have you talked to your primary doctor?

● Are you sleeping the same, less, or more? Do you feel rested?

● Are you eating the same, less, or more? What are you eating? Are you gaining or losing weight?

● Do you have family or friends that are supportive? If yes, who are they? If not, let’s talk about that.

● What is your financial situation (income, family support, etc.)? Are you worried about bills and expenses? Do we need to talk about Medicaid or connect you with a financial planner?

The social worker will then take time to address any specific questions that family members may have. They are equipped to provide support in a wide variety of areas, including administrative, financial, and behavioral questions.

If you need help with power of attorney paperwork, have questions about FMLA, or want to know more about topics like Medicare, Medicaid, and the cost of private duty, your social worker can connect you with the right information, resources, and people to reach out to so that you don’t have to navigate the process on your own.

Social workers also can help families work through challenging questions about caring for your loved one, like:

● How do I stop them from driving?

● How do I get them to eat, shower, change clothes, take medications?

● How do I stop them from leaving the house or yelling at me?

● How do we find a psychiatrist?

Helping Family Members Process Emotions about Behavioral Healthcare

If your loved one has a psychiatric, emotional, or addictive disorder that requires behavioral health admission, it’s extremely natural to feel afraid, confused, or even angry.

We see many families who are frightened because they can’t manage the patient at home, and they aren’t sure what else to do. Others are afraid to admit they need help, as it’s extremely challenging to say “I can’t do this anymore.”

For some families, the biggest challenge is to avoid feeling angry or mad at the patient about things that are out of their control.

Whatever fears or emotions you’re feeling throughout the behavioral health treatment process, our social work team is ready and equipped to support you.

If you or a loved one requires treatment for a psychiatric, emotional, or addictive disorder, the Knoxville Center for Behavioral Medicine may be the next right step. Contact us today to learn more.

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